Point-of-Sale iOS Application
Expanding and applying new styles to high-fidelity flows within a cannabis dispensary point-of-sale iPad application.



10 Months (Feb 2021 - Present)

My Role
Visual Designer, UX Designer, User Researcher

Sketch, Figma

Project Summary

  1. Design new patient creation flow
  2. Finalize checkout flow and screens
  3. Formalize color styles
  • Generative user interviews
  • Prototyping index page redesigns
  • Analogous domains research
  • Usability testing index page prototype
  • High fidelity wireframes
  • Prioritizing new index page features

Redesign TED.com/talks -- the 2nd most visited page on the website -- and other small tweaks to enable easier discovery of content.

Overview of the solution(s)

My contributions included revising old screens based on new requirements, creating new flows (specificially payment) and creating a new color palette inline with Akerna's branding and accessibility guidelines.



Field Research

Investigated other self-check out experiences to gain first-hand exposure.


Client Walkthroughs

Gathered requirements, co-designed hi-fi wireframes, and revised multiple iterations


Usability Testing

Interviewed co-workers with cashier experience to learn preferences and test designs.

More about the challenge

Akerna is a company that creates technology along the cannabis pipeline. MJ Freeway is one such technology that provides a point-of-sale system for use in dispensaries.

I began this project carrying on another designer's discovery research and initial wireframes (including a design system). My challenge was to continue her work by expanding MJFreeway's iOS platform, refining existing designs and creating new features for fresh requirements, including:

  • New Patient Creation
  • Payment
  • and more
Field Research

When I first started this project, I was handed a number of new requirements from the client. Another designer had previously worked on this project and laid the foundations for a huge swath of the application. However, there were several portions of the app left to be designed, including the Patient Creation and Payment flows.

To learn more about best practices, I went out into the wild to do some field research. I visited Target and Lowe's to get a sense of how other large retailers were handling touch screen checkout processes.

Client Walkthroughs

First Iteration


Final Iteration

Usability Testing

Towards the end of our refinement process, I sought to validate our designs with stakeholders outside the immediate project team. Our client could not recruit any current employees to test our designs, so I recruited within my company, asking for those with previous (or current) experience working with a register or point-of-sale system.

“Anything that would let me use one hand to quickly preview and complete an order would be a benefit.”

Interviewee #1 (Former Hostess)

Reflection + Future Directions

While I sought to validate with additional research, our implementation of high fidelity designs ultimately won over higher level stakeholders at Akerna. They approved additional work to expand our design patterns for a web-based version of the point-of-sale system. We have planned additional accessibility audits and additional time and budget for usability testing.